Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i'm not gnna lie on myself

yes i got the RASA wth her

i dnt know y and its is not bcz she was chsen bt its come naturally

so cnftble when im wth her , she seems like knew wts my heart is even its not full enough

bt i cnt just tell her tht i want her, iits unfair to the other ...

bt damn true i'm not playing her down

the RASA come naturly from deep of my heart ...

she's look familiar when the 1st time i meet her

the eye's , the skin , the look , the smile , the sounds

its kind like similar to someone...

what should i do now????

RASA is smthng tht i cnt force it to ....

"YA ALLAH help me to make the right dcssion

ku berdoa padaMu ..."


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