Friday, April 30, 2010


i was suprice when my lec MUHAINI AHMAD told me if i wanna dance for her piece
wow so i accept it
its a contemparory dance
the concept was GOTHIC n ROBOTIC
i dnt know much what the story is all about
its just a 2 minute show
the show its just for her exm in DANCE MUSIC
so for me erm it was my step to go furture on dance
yeah if we look the pic
its HOT
but we're just dance
hope people understand this is just the cncept or arts
in the same day
there was 2 more piece present also
KAK AS piece dance by DEENO n UDEAN
KAK NORUL piece dance by HER SELF n ZAKI

p/s ; please respect the concept of ART PERFORMANCE it just a dance

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