Thursday, May 6, 2010


today i learn something diffrent
something new
something i mite use for the becoming technic classes
that night on the 1st day of training with pak aji , kak munie , kak nurul , syah , poh gee and me
poh gee ask me and syah if we wanna join his extra free classes dance technic

it is yes for me n syah
syah already learn the technic classes but its nothing wrong if he still wanna join the classes
but for me its good
y do i say that
because poh gee will tutor me and my batch for dance technic 3 for our 4
3rd sem
well its new for me learn the diffrent and the high level of technic in dance

its more on ballet and contemparory style
its good for me because the classes technic mite use in any kind of contemparory dance
so if i already knew how the body proses in evry single movement
so its easy for me to get the "AIR" of the dance

yeah its kind tired after the classes
but if this kind of classes , i will aloud my body to dance every day
poh gee teach me or in the short he PUSH me to get the step 1st before i get the tune

its kind like a monkey when i look myself at the mirror doing his technic
nevermind i'm mite use to in the future
but i love the classes
poh gee let me know the wrong side of point and turn out the leg
the style of doing jumping , sliding , and many more
most of the name on the technic nAme is in FRANCE
because the basic or the pioneer of the dance come from ballet before the other style of dance rise up
so lots of the name kind wired to hear but i have to do
the classes was fun
and i hope
i mite use this classe for my 3rd dance technic in my 3rd sem
just 1 thing to get it
i must work hard and smart ....

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