Thursday, May 6, 2010


dancing is all about something to speak
something that we voice it out from evry sgle step that we make
the expression of the dance
the feel , the emotion , the passion
we can feel from the moment dancer make their 1st step
the combination of the music make the dance a live
some style of dance tell's a farytale story
some of it tell's true story
some of it also just for fun and enjoy

for me dance is about everything
nowaday my life its all about dancing
its about friendship , love , sharing , learning and much more
dancing its just about u doing the step from 1 till 8
its as all about how u make the step to make it alive
most of the contamparory dance creat thier piece by using the true stry of the lifetime
this how they show people what arts is all about
dance is good for health because it make ur body move , sweat ang keep u have an healthy lifestyle

i love to dance
i love to be a dancer
i love to creat a dance
i love everything about the dance n the dance floor
every single step makes me feel pasion , relax
and dancing helps me to release my tension from everysingle problem that makes me weak
sometime i'm crying while i was dance
some time i dont feel hurt even the step i was doing is killing me up
never mind
because dance is about passion
i love it ...
but i thing that 've dreaming for the rest of my live
i wanna dance with my LOVE one ..
who will it be???

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