Thursday, May 13, 2010


there's a possibility

if all that i have right now
will be that all i can't get forever
how possibile that will it be
feel kind a confius with it
just need someone who can guide me up
sometimes i feel so weak inside
somebody asking me y???
but there's no answer

life just once
how all of us make it better then before
how we as a person who live under one roof can tolerate with others
can we be nice??
can we be such a honest person??
can we be very lovely person???
who dare to answer that????

sometime the answer that we give might not be the same as the reality situasion that we face off
how can i tell my love one that I'm the one
how can i let she know that i'm the one who gonna keep her save
how can i do all that????
how she gonna react??
how she's reply's me back???
I was hoping that she can be with me all the time

how can i tell mum that im not good??
how mum will react if theres somethig she dont know???
what will dad do if he know's something bad about me???
actually how GOOD am i???
sometime i just had much question the the answer
last thing i can ever do is ...



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