Monday, July 5, 2010

TVRI PERFORM ON 19 JUN 2010 ....

Choreo by Mr Sukarji Sriman
Dance by Poh Gee
Muhaini Ahmad
Syafizal Syazlee
Nurul Akma
Muhd Syaffiq
my very 1st time 20 mnt's contemporary dance show
that perform at Surabaya Indonesia
i dont really knew what the concept was
but its realy great expiriance for me because dance with the best contemporary dancer from my department
plus im the only junior dancer who dance with them
contemporary is not my things
because my thing was hip hop and breakdancing
but still wanna thnkz to Mr Sukarji Sriman because give me this chance to dance on ur piece
perhaps invite me next time...=)


Choreo by Nurul Akma
Dance by Nurul Akma
Muhaini Ahmad
Syafizal Syazlee
not much i understand the concept of the dance
but from the performance what can i get is about love, friendship, and confusing
my 1ts time also watching this performance live front my head
before this i just look at the pic and video
the most best part is dance set by Muhaini Ahmad and Syafizal Syazlee
its a lovely instrumental songs and step
looks so romantic ... =)


unknow piece
but this man is from Africa
he had his own dance company
n choreo lots of piece
its great to see he dance
such a great move n step
the story was there
love it
good job sir...=)

the conclusion is that
this is the best expiriance for me i was hoping there will be a next time n i wanna workhard on this i love to dance dont care what people think that taking dance is no future I WILL CREAT MY FUTURE INSYAALLAH..... AMIN.....

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