Tuesday, July 26, 2011

transfomer .... bbootttzzzzz

the tranfomation of creativity
buat video tarian je dah macam buat movie
rasanya kena adakan pertandingan macam ni kot baru best

present to you 4DIMENSIONAL from SINGAPORE
dua dpdnya ( lelaki la ) daripada SFB = STYLES FROM BEYOND
aku jumpa crew ni pun masa comp DCOH kat genting
yup diorg impress aku kaw2 punye
yelah aku pun berjinak2 juga dunia ni

xksahlah dpd mana pun korang datang
separated your love on dance ...

so x pyh cete banyak dah baca post ni sila lakukan sedemikian :

VOTE FOR THEM! 2ne1 Online "I Am The Best" Dance Cover Contest
1) Go to http://www.youtube.com/ygevent
2) Search "4dimensional"
3) Watch, Enjoy, Click on Thumbs Up
4) Spread our video for more votes!


4 Dimensional is a Kpop crew formed by 4 individually diverse dancers in Singapore - Arjuna, Amsyar, Phiz and Ashley.

The concept of our "I Am The Best" dance cover video takes the personal perception of us dancers in general, who often use mirrors and rely on their reflections as a tool of security to their dancing. And without, they feel the lack of self-confidence.

We believe that be it dancers, athletes, businessman, or anyone of any title, should not allow anyone else, or their self-doubt for that matter, constrict them from reaching their goals.

Hence, it conveys our main message to all, "you are your own rival", believe in yourself, because everything is possible, and that you are the best.

(Choreography and song is rightfully produced by YG Entertainment and 2NE1. This video was recreated by 4-Dimensional only for the purpose of 2NE1's Dance Cover Competition. Please respect the creative work of the original choreographer/dancers. Duplicating or recycling these moves in any shape or form for your own use without permission is prohibited.)

PEACE ....

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