Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 .. lil journey to get know myself better


2011 has taught me the meaning of life with challenges and obstacles that I went
through to be matured in terms of life and relationships. sadness, frustration, joy and sorrow all have happen open up my minds to get the best for my family and friends ... love? everything I earn is for the best but what is the test passed for the better life .... dance? dream and hope to me, for me there is real love ....

so that is the short or the abstract of what i felt for 2011

its being a great journey to face the year
everything goes pretty well that i can describe 2011 is the year of surprise
or i can conclude its a year of everything

it is starts with the very best moment where me and my friends winning the 1st ever competition in 2011 FESTARI MMU 2011 ... epic moment , repay time after we lost at FESTKUM 2010
alhamdulillah its really a good start of the year hehee

my lovely family who always there for me no matter what happen.
this is the one point i know that no matter what thing happen on me, i do know that i have a full support from them even without a single words to me, but i can feel it through my heart
thankz guys cz always there for me

life is about responsibility
it is how we use the chances that we had to full fill our dreams and make it real

well it is not that easy to get everything that we want
sometimes a dream will always remain as a dream because there might be something good or better is waiting for us in future
all we have to do is work on it
good things will come whether fast or slow

friends who always there to support me
who always there to became my competitors
who always there to teach
who always there to listen
thank you so much
without u guys
i wont push myself to another level
and i wont be able to reach this level that i never thought i would be
thank you so much because u guys
i'm standing right here to prove that i gonna always do my very best for you guys

some important people around me who always there to give a support
to teach me something new that they might not know they actually doing that for me
a line up like

my collages
my batch
the love one ...

this pic is the best captured of the year
happen on the rehearsal day for our tech 4 class
ahahah co-choreo title that has being given by the girl in the middle
An Nur Azhar one of the tech class lecture in UM
lol she is one of the best
teach me something new that i never know before
it's not that im saying other lecturer not good
every lecturer have their own personality and style to deliver their knowledge to us
Leng Poh Gee is one of the inspiration for me to push myself be better person
his not giving me a talk about dance but the way he spoke to me and my friend is how we must appreciate the thing that we have right now

@n nUr is a lecture ahahaa but she is one of the best friend i ever had
or also i can say that she is BUFFOONNNNN
huahaha, what is BUFFON
ask her about it, i wont answer cz she's the one who creat that words
having a lil chypers with her to completed the tech 4 piece
sharing ideas and and movement style
woww i do learn a lot from her this sem
knowing her from the early of 2011 where she teach tech 2 class
and next sem she teach my class ( tech 4 )
get closed to her is the best end moment in 2011
learning about dance, pursue the dream, appreciate what we hold in
well it is so AMAZING
that is the word i can describe about her
thankz Nur or i can say thankz aunty hahahhahah

and yeah sharing some resolution of me in 2012

1. thesis ( done in a year, help needed )
2. finish my final year to perform more perfromance in a year .. hhehe
3. get knowing more people that can help me pursue my dream
4. become a better person ( insyaallah )
5. loving the person who love me more and i will love them more ( especially my family and the love one =) )
6. lastly , i just wanna PERFORM with the person who have the same feeling towards me .... thats all =)

the best quote to start a year is that :

never ever let anyone treat you like crap. if you treat people the way you treat me, then i will honestly and truthfully say that you deserve to be amongst people who truly love you and appreciate you for everything that you are. so no matter what, you must do what is the best and good for you and not what is expected of/determined by others , dont let anyone walk over your heart ....

here we go ..... bismillah
if its meant to be , then it will always meant to be

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